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Course 1: The Basics

Don't be fooled into thinking that, with a name like "the basics", this course just contains a few boring pages on hard facts and figures. On the contrary, there are no "boring facts" about SouthWest Germany. ( least, none you will find here!)

We like to call this the "get to know you" section of our training. Similar to the beginning of any new relationship, this is the exciting part in which you will learn more about the special and individual characteristics unique to SouthWest Germany - the same ones that inspire the cuckoo bird to call SouthWest Germany home year after year. 

This course is broken down into 3 chapters:

Chapter 1: Cuckoo's Home Sweet Home

SouthWest Germany has a diverse landscape unlike any other in Germany and traditions that continue to fascinate and inspire today. »

Chapter 2: Top 7 Cuckoo Cities

Urban pleasures are easy to find in SouthWest Germany, and our short list of the top 7 must-visit cities introduces you to the best we have to offer. »

Chapter 3: Cuckoo for Cars

SouthWest Germany is a veritable playground for car enthusiasts, with many highlights that should be at the top of any car lover’s "must-see" list. »

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