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The Black Forest

Famous for its cuckoo clocks and cake, the Black Forest [ schwarzwald soundbite 'Schwarzwald' ] is often perceived as the backdrop of a Grimm's Fairy Tale.

A picture is worth a thousand words

Click through the following photo gallery and step into the fairy tale world of the Black Forest.
Special tip: Be sure to read through the captions; you never know what might show up on the test!

The Black Forest near Belchen
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The Black Forest may look dark, but it is in fact pine-tree green, not black.
The Black Forest near Belchen © TMBW, Mende
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The Black Forest spans over a range of low mountains, rising from 3,000 - 5,000 feet (900 - 1,500 meters). The Black Forest would fit neatly into the state of Connecticut (USA), and is a little bigger than the Indian state Tripura. In concrete terms, it's about 4,600 square miles (12,000 square km).
Todtnau © TMBW, Mende
Bubbling streams
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The Black Forest includes valleys with bubbling streams, open moorland, thickly wooded hillsides, and icy lakes.
Bubbling streams © Bichler/Schluchtensteig Schwarzwald
Typical Black Forest farmhouse
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The Black Forest is dotted with traditional chalet-style farmhouses, with overhanging roofs.
Typical Black Forest farmhouse © Erich Spiegelhalter/STG
Todtnau Falls
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Falling from an impressive 535 feet (163 meters), the Triberg Waterfalls are some of the highest in Germany. An impressive sight, the waterfalls comprise seven steps of foaming, roaring water from the River Gutach as it tumbles through the forest. It’s a perfect destination for hiking enthusiasts! The Todtnau Falls are located between the small vacation villages of Todtnauberg and Aftersteg. Falling from a height of 318 feet (97 meters), these are some of the highest natural falls in Germany, too.
Todtnau Falls © Monika Erdenbrink/STG
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The Feldberg is the highest point in the Black Forest, attracting hikers and mountain bikers in the warmer months, and Alpine and cross-country skiers in winter.
Feldberg © TMBW, Mende
View of the Schluchsee
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The Schluchsee is the largest man-made lake in the Black Forest, measuring almost 5 miles (ca. 7 km) long and almost a mile wide (ca. 1.5 km). The Schluchsee and its surroundings create a veritable paradise for lovers of nature, hiking, biking, and water sports.
View of the Schluchsee © TI Schluchsee
Lake Titisee
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With a length of one mile (ca. 1.5 km), Titisee is the largest natural lake in the Black Forest and surrounded by forest and mountains. At this popular resort destination near Feldberg mountain, your clients can go fishing, wind-surfing, sailing, or simply enjoy a stroll around the lake.
Lake Titisee © Heike Budig/STG
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