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Why go Cuckoo?

Being a SouthWest Germany Specialist will benefit both you and your company!

Maybe you are not familiar with SouthWest Germany and you are keen to add the region to your portfolio? Or, you have been selling SouthWest Germany for quite a while, but want to expand your knowledge and increase your sales?

This complimentary SouthWest Germany specialist training gives you, the travel professional, the tools to grow your sales to SouthWest Germany by increasing your knowledge and appreciation of the region. Once you have passed all 5 Cuckoo Training courses, you will be more confident when dealing with customers, more likely to complete a sale, and more likely to grow your sales and commissions. What is more, you will be able to promote yourself to your clients as the best source for SouthWest Germany information - whether it is for FITs or a family vacation, a singles weekend or a group trip.

Show them what you’re made of!

As a SouthWest Germany Specialist, you’ll have a treasure chest of valuable knowledge at your disposal – and your customers and business partners should know it! Take advantage of the SouthWest Germany Specialist Badge, which you can add to your email signature or website to show you’re an expert in what you’re selling!

How it works

Work your way through each of the five courses, completing the various activities along the way. After registering, you can take the course tests at any time. If you don't pass the first time, no worries! Simply try again! Once you've passed all five tests, you will receive a personalized SouthWest Germany Specialist Certificate via email within three business days.

Because the successful completion of the training may result in agent benefits, the Tourismus Marketing GmbH Baden-Württemberg undertakes regular audits of the test results. Any irregularities are investigated and may result in test results being invalidated, along with the status of SouthWest Germany Specialist and contact with the company management.


Good luck!

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