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Course 2: Culture

There is a German phrase that perfectly describes the cultural landscape of SouthWest Germany:
qual der wahl soundbite "Qual der Wahl", which literally means "the agony of choice". With so many interesting places to see, museums to visit, events to attend, and shops to explore, visitors could very well truly "agonize" over their vacation plans, especially since the time almost never allows for all of the things one wishes to do.

This is where you (and we) come in! After you've completed this course, you will not only be well-informed about SouthWest Germany's cultural "must-sees" and "must-dos", but also fully equipped to present your clients with a realistic and diverse array of items to choose from.  

This course is broken down into 3 chapters:

Chapter 1: 8 Unique Museums

SouthWest Germany is home to 8 unique museums that can offer visitors a totally new experience. »

Chapter 2: Colossal Constructions

SouthWest Germany is home to many truly breathtaking buildings that promise to fulfill your clients’ expectations of European age and charm. »

Chapter 3: Activities Galore

From unique experiences and shopping delights to fast-paced rollercoasters and chocolate factories, your clients are sure to have a fun-packed vacation suited perfectly to their tastes. »

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