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Course 3: Nature

When it comes to get-away-from-it-all vacations, SouthWest Germany is one of the most enticing regions in Europe. The combination of unspoiled countryside and sunny weather is unbeatable.  And don't forget – SouthWest Germany averages ca. 1,700 hours of sunshine each year, which is why we're also known as the sunny side of Germany!

This course is broken down into 2 chapters:

Chapter 1: Where the Cuckoo Birds Play

No matter what the season or your clients' personal preferences may be, SouthWest Germany is the perfect playground for lovers of the great outdoors. »

Chapter 2: Top 10 Scenic Drives

SouthWest Germany is crisscrossed with beautiful roads that run along rivers, through valleys, over mountains, and past grand castles and pretty villages. »

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