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Course 5: Wellbeing

Life is all about balance. One of the main motivations for many vacationers is to find that well-deserved and much-needed "me" time that usually gets lost in the daily shuffle. SouthWest Germany understands this need and has specialized in providing first-rate spas and wellness centers. From face masks and thermal baths to massages and natural oils, there are more than enough opportunities for your clients to relax, unwind, and find balance for body and soul.

This course is broken down into 2 chapters:

Chapter 1: Cuckoo for Comfort

SouthWest Germany's health and wellness centers are the perfect place for your clients to unwind and recharge their batteries. »

Chapter 2: Medical Expertise

SouthWest Germany's special health and spa options include programs designed to regain fitness after an operation or lose weight carefully. »

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