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Good Reasons to “Go Cuckoo”

Completing the Going Cuckoo SouthWest Germany Specialist Training will equip you with valuable insider tips on the exciting characteristics and touristic highlights of the “Sunny Side of Germany”.

As our special thanks to you for participating in and completing the training, we are happy to offer you some great benefits:

1. Win a FAM trip to the “Sunny Side of Germany”!

Travel from the deep, blue waters of Lake Constance; past the majestic backdrop of snow-covered Alps; and through the dense, dark green forests of the Black Forest all the way to the warm, red stones of the famous Heidelberg Castle at sunset. Come and create your own unforgettable moments in SouthWest Germany!

With a bit of luck, you’ll soon be telling your customers about the magical moments that await them from your own personal experience. A FAM trip will be raffled off once a year among Going Cuckoo graduates, so don’t miss your chance to discover the wonders of SouthWest Germany.

Recommend us and increase your chance to win!
You want to improve your chances of discovering SouthWest Germany as the winner of the FAM trip? Easy! Just recommend the Going Cuckoo Training to your colleagues in the travel industry. If your colleagues or friends successfully complete the training, your name will be reentered into the raffle. Get up to 6 total entries – 1 for your own success and 5 for the successes of your colleagues! So what are you waiting for? Recommend us today!

Lake Constance Heidelberg Castle

2. Win a SouthWest Germany chocolate square!

As a graduate of our SouthWest Germany Specialist Training, you may soon find yourself enjoying a delicious taste of Germany’s most beloved chocolate – Ritter Sport. Each quarter, all participants who have successfully passed our training will get the chance to win a set of the famous square-shaped chocolate. Pass the training now to enter your name for the upcoming raffles!
Please have a look at our Terms & Conditions for this raffle.

3. Show them what you’re made of!

As a SouthWest Germany Specialist, you’ll have a treasure chest of valuable knowledge at your disposal – and your customers and business partners should know it! Take advantage of the SouthWest Germany Specialist Badge, which you can add to your email signature or website to show you’re an expert in what you’re selling!

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