Southwest Germany Training: How it works

Work your way through each of the 3 levels, completing the various activities and tests along the way. After registering, you can take the full “course tests” at any time. If you don't pass the first time, no worries! Simply try again! Once you've completed the training, you can download your personalized Southwest Germany Specialist Certificate from the Expert Area.

Note: Because the successful completion of the training may result in agent benefits, the Southwest Germany Tourist Board (Tourismus Marketing GmbH Baden-Württemberg) undertakes regular audits of the test results. Any irregularities are investigated and may result in test results being invalidated, along with the status of Southwest Germany Specialist and contact with the company management.

Good luck!

Southwest Germany Training: Frequently asked Questions

Who can take part/register?

Anyone who currently offers vacation packages to Southwest Germany, or who plans to package and sell vacations to the region in the future. We are keen to have front line staff, as well as product planners and managers, complete the training. Although The Southwest Germany Specialist Training is aimed at you, the individual, we know that this training tool also works very well for businesses wishing to expand their appreciation and knowledge of Southwest Germany.

Simply go to the registration tab at the top of the homepage and click on "REGISTER NOW".

Because Cuckoo Training is available 24/7, this versatile program gives you total flexibility. You can learn when you want and where you want. So, you are free to set your own pace and schedule.

No! We have an array of photos, information, activities and quick quizzes that provide extra insight into the region. In addition to giving you the inside scoop on the main cities, museums, scenic drives and shopping destinations, you will discover fun facts, such as how to bake a traditional Black Forest Cake.

The system is very straightforward. The information is broken down into 3 levels with numerous courses. Each level has its own focus.

Our Basic Knowledge Level is divided into 3 courses that give you an overview of Southwest Germany's highlights, along with tips for travel planning. The Special Interest Level goes in to a bit more depth and is dedicated to specific travel topics, with special insider information at the Inside Information Level.

To obtain your certificate, you will need to successfully complete 3 Basic Knowledge Level courses, 3 Special Interest Level courses and 2 Inside Information courses. Of course, you are free to complete more! Upon receipt of your certificate, you automatically participate in our PRIZE DRAW.

The courses are broken down into different chapters. You will see photo galleries (simply click on a picture for an enlarged image). We have also included various soundbites and activities in the texts. Soundbites are marked with small speaker symbols    – simply click on these to hear and learn how to pronounce various German words! Work your way through the courses and, once you're ready, take the test!

We have included various learning activities, from Multiple Choice and Memory Games to Hangman games and Drag-And-Drop questions. The goal is to reinforce and consolidate what you are learning or, in some cases, to help you learn simply by doing!

Here are a few general tips:

Multiple Choice:

Simply choose your answer(s) from the available options. If you are wrong, just keep trying until you find the right answer.

Memory Game:

Simply flip over the cards and match the text/caption to the photograph. You can flip them as often as necessary until all answers are correct. If a match-up is correct, the card will remain flipped and the color will fade slightly. Every time you reload the activity, the cards will automatically be re-shuffled.


Pictures and text boxes can be moved around on the screen. The location of each item is randomly generated, so items may overlap. Simply move items around until you have a good, clear view of them all. To pair two items together, simply drag and drop one over the other until they are connected by a string. You can separate items by clicking on them again. As with all activities, you can keep trying until you get the right answer.

Hangman Game:

Choose different letters of the alphabet; click on them to find the word we are looking for.


Simply select your answers from the drop-down menus. You can change your answers until you find the correct solution.

To have access to our courses and texts, you must be logged into your account. After logging in, you can take the tests at any time. For registration, please use a PERSONAL email address (NOT a general company email address). Once you have finished a course, take the course test (7 questions). There is no time limit on the test. A score of 80% or higher is needed to pass.

Your test results will immediately appear on the screen. If at first you don't succeed, you are allowed to try, try and try again...but be warned. The second time around the questions will NOT be exactly the same! 

On the module overview, you will be able to see the courses that you have passed. They‘ll be marked with a check mark ?. That enables you to tell at a glance what courses you still need to complete.You will also see your results in your Expert Area.

Using infoboxes, we let you know what courses need to be completed. You'll also see cuckoo clocks in the top right corner of the page. When you pass the tests to complete a level, the cuckoo clocks change color. The new color corresponds to the completed level.

Congratulations will be in order! You will be an official Southwest Germany Specialist. You can then download your certificate from the Expert Area. Also, you will be able to see special additional material that is only available to those, who have passed the exams!

All the special promotional material for Southwest Germany will be available for download in your Expert Area!

Once you have collected all the necessary credits, our system will automatically set up your certificate, so that you can download it.

We need your contact details in order to send you your test results, and for the purpose of statistical analysis and business reporting by the Southwest Germany/Baden-Württemberg State Tourist Board.

No. Your contact details will not be used for any other purpose, nor will they be disclosed to any third parties without your consent.

Simply log in and change your contact details by using the template in “My Profile.”