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3 steps to become a Southwest Germany Specialist

  • Finish all 3 Basic Knowledge courses to get an overview of all the Highlights!
  • Choose 3 Special Interest courses, which prepare you to answer all your client’s questions.
  • Pass 2 of the Inside Information courses and you can officially call yourself a Southwest Germany Specialist.

During the training, you’ll unlock great incentives and additional sales support. Check out your Expert Area regularly. But that’s not all. Once you have completed the course, stay tuned to get the latest updates and check out the new annual Expert courses.

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Basic Knowledge - The Sunny Side of Germany

Why go?

Cuckoo Highlights

Getting to Southwest Germany

Travel Information

When to go?

Best Time to Travel

Special Interest Courses - Unique Experiences in Southwest Germany

Regions & Cities

The Home of the Cuckoo!

Traditions & Culture

Exclusively Cuckoo

Food & Drink

Culinary Delights

Nature & Sports

Active Holidays

Indoors & Out

Fun things to do

Wellness & Medical Spas

Cuckoo for Health

Inside Information - 360° Southwest Germany

Off the beaten track

Cuckoo Insider Tips

Routes, Drives & Cruises

Cuckoo Tour Suggestions

More Cuckoo - More information on our most favorite destinations

Countryside & Cultural Charme

The Black Forest

Birthplace of the cuckoo clock

Black Forest Highlands

Gateway to Cuckoo Country

Stuttgart Airport

The Capital of Southwest Germany


Exclusive shopping


Highlights of Southwest Germany

The Fantastic Road